Update| Biafra Anambra election must not hold –militants

Biafra Anambra election must not hold

Biafra Anambra election must not hold. Niger Delta aggressor groups have proclaimed their help for the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu’s call for individuals of the Southeast to blacklist the approaching governorship race in Anambra State.

Biafra Anambra election must not hold

Biafra Anambra election must not hold

The activist gatherings, including the Rainbow Marabas Squad, RMS, Concerned Militant Leaders, CML, and the Niger Delta People Democratic Front, NDPDF, contended that since May 30, 2016 when officers purportedly slaughtered innocuous and pure IPOB individuals in a few sections of the Southern states, the Federal Government had stayed quiet.

Pioneers of the gatherings, General Ben (CML), General Playboy (NDPDF) and General Aneaja (RMS) thought of the choice after their meeting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Wednesday.

They requested for equity for the casualties of the May 30, 2016, Biafra Day festivity killings.

Convner of the meeting, General Ben, expressed, “Government should address the bad form distributed to pure and safe IPOB individuals, while observing Biafra Day.”

“The decision in Anambra State ought not hold and won’t hold they said ” Biafra Anambra election must not hold “. That bad form should first be tended to before any decision will happen by Federal Government.

“Southern political pioneers. Who are romancing with Federal Government to truncate and endanger Biafra battle. In light of the narrow minded glorification. Will live to lament their activities since, we won’t overlook them.

“Any endeavor by Federal Government to underestimate us, ought to be stood up to. We encourage Anambrarians to blacklist that race. Any individual that spurns our request does that at his or her danger. No one is our objective, yet don’t make yourself our objective”, the gatherings cautioned.

Biafra Anambra election must not hold

Responding to the current quit notice to the Igbo individuals living in the North by Arewa young people. And the comparative final proposal by their partners. (Aggressors) toward the Northerners in the Niger Delta. The gatherings said they didn’t consider it to be a risk.

As per them, it was an open door for the Southerners to acknowledge and address their tumults appropriately with energy and responsibility because of that Biafra Anambra election must not hold.

They exhorted Southerners, especially Igbo individuals, living in the North. Not to be diverted by whatever affirmations they may have gotten from any quarters concerning their well being. Demanding that they should notice to the request.

Ben expressed: “We don’t consider it to be a risk, yet an appreciated improvement. It ought not produce estrangement. But rather ought to be acknowledged with honor since it would give the instigators chance to champion their course with the fundamental enthusiasm it requires.

“Basically, the due date should stand, both for the South Easterners in the North, and the Northerners in the Niger Delta area and South East. Furthermore, our kin should return home. Each Southern is our sibling or sister, regardless of whether from East, West or South.

“Whoever declines to regard to this request, will reprimand himself or herself for the results. We have sounded the notice to our kin in the North not to enable themselves to be butchered like some time recently.

“This time around, while we request that the Igbo ought to comply with the quit see by Arewa young men.  Biafrans we would not overlay our hands and watch them (Arewa) slaughter our kin. Whatever that happens to our kin, will most likely have grave and deplorable outcomes on the rivals.”


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