BreakingNews: “I support Biafra” – Ojukwu ( 2004 Photos)


“I support Biafra” (2004) – Ojukwu. Following the speech of the executive president of Nigeria Buhari. After his return from united kingdom about the unity of Nigeria not negotiable. By a biafran hero OJUKWU.

"I support Biafra" (2004) - Ojukwu

“I support Biafra” (2004) – Ojukwu

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According to report reaching us. Immediately after Buhari’s return, he made a speech where he mentioned in 2003, Himself and Ojukwu had a meeting and talked about Nigeria and agreed that Nigeria’s unity is non- negotiable.

But this is a Newswatch interview with Ojukwu in 2004, where he publicly stated he supports Biafra.

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