Cardi B Dropped $250K on Offset’s “Bando” Chain

Cardi B Dropped $250K on Offset’s “Bando

Cardi B Dropped $250K on Offset’s “Bando” Chain. Last week, Offset and Cardi B grabbed our attention when the “Bartier Cardi” emcee gifted her better half with an intricate chain for Valentine’s Day.

Cardi B Dropped $250K on Offset’s “Bando” Chain

Boasting an iced-out design of an abandoned house, commonly known as a bando, with two figurines of Offset’s likeness inside the miniature edifice.

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While we know that our favorite rappers are always ready to drop a nice check on a piece of jewelry, there was not yet any confirmation on exactly how much this new piece cost. TMZ now reports that Cardi allegedly coughed up a steep (to us) $250,000 for Offset’s gift.

But such is the case when you’re purchasing from esteemed jeweler Elliott Avianne, who is responsible for a portfolio of other notable pieces owned by Migos, including Quavo’s Yoda, Ratatouille and Yoda units, Takeoff’s solar system chain, and Offset’s Freakazoid piece.

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Of course, money is no object for the Platinum-selling and Grammy-nominated couple, whose pairing has been subject to a great deal of public opinion since they first the nature of their relationship. Cardi B Dropped $250K on Offset’s “Bando” Chain

An opinion that only amplified when Offset popped the question back in October. Since then, headlines of infidelity and controversy have riddled the two, but from the looks of it, the Cardi B-Offset combo isn’t going anywhere for a while.

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