Denzel Curry Major Update On TA13OO Album

Denzel Curry Major Update On TA13OO ALBUM

Denzel Curry Major Update On TA13OO album. Denzel Curry is in no rush. Denzel Curry TA13OO Album You already know that his upcoming studio album TA13OO is an important project for the Aquarius Killa.

Denzel Curry Major Update On TA13OO Album

Rather than rush, Denzel has been taking his time to perfect the beat. Over the course of the production process. Denzel has been seen with a variety of different collaborators, from the confirmed (Flying Lotus) to the rumoured (J.I.D).

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Either way, the project will no doubt emerge as his most cohesive. Well-rounded effort thus far. Personally, it’s among my most anticipated drops of the 2018. While we have yet to land a release date, Denzel has decided to play it safe.

Last night, the rapper took to Instagram live to confirm that he had officially turned in all the vocals for album TA13OOHe also promised that the project would be dropping this year. Denzel Curry TA13OO Album

While that still leaves plenty of room for guesswork, it’s still better than nothing. “For real though, I killed this album,” teases Denzel. “Ya’ll gon’ get a well-rounded album.

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I swear to God it’s going to be well-rounded as fuck. It’s done. My part is done. Now it’s time for the people to do the post-production so this shit can be gangsta as fuck.”


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