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Many bloggers today are finding it very difficult to turn their passion in to means of earning. But this post is going to expose you on the secret to turn your passion in to money. Recently many people who goes in to blogging has a motive of earning from their hard-work, but at last some get tired of moving further.


First before you consider to establish a blog who is your actual audience ( who do you have in mind for consuming  of your resources ). This is where many people fail in blogging, many people have blog just because others have.

For you to earn in blogging extremely time and hard-work is required, stop looking at how much you will make while establishing a blog. Because you may fail on the way.

most important thing to do is make your content unique and informative to your audience that’s the highest secret in blogging, without much traffic in you blog earning become difficult, because that’s the engine house of turning you passion in to earning (money)

steps to succeed in blogging as a blogger
  1. Hard-work: Anything that associate with money needs serious hard-work to succeed with it. Your blog might not reach to the stage of earning without hard-work.
  2. Time management: Another important point to consider is how often are you engaged in you blog?. Do you spend less time and want to earn much?.  But does not work that way, you time is very important as a blogger, is a secret to earn money with your blog
  3.  Feeds: What i mean by feed is what content do you have ?. Does you content interest your audience? Is it informative to them. Are you delivering the current information. Most time we engaged on getting information from other peoples blog as a beginner. But the truth is most of them have been read by your so called audience. This is a secret to earn as a bloger.
  4. Traffic: If you can perform well on the above points the traffic is not a much problem. Traffic is the engine of earning in blogging.


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