Federal poly oko | Atani Campus Student | Crying Over rubbery

Atani campus

Atani Campus. A Campus of federal polytechnic oko Anambra state. Residing in ogbaru local government Area Atani Anambra state Nigeria Are crying for rubbery.

Atani campus

The students in the above campus are crying for rubbery in their various lodges. A serious rubbery happened on 21ist June 2017 which was not the first time neither the second. Stealing of students gargets, like phones, laptops and Generators is now the talk of the day in the campus.

Atani Campus Student Crying

Recently two Generator was stolen from one of the pupular lodges in Atani Campus  named ” GRACE AND MERCY LODGE” which happened between the time interval of 1am to 4am on Tuesday night A generator belonging to a student and the other belongs to the lodge.

Not upto two weeks a logde in same area Named ” COMFORT LODGE” the student living in the lodge are  crying over there lost properties in rubbery, which non of the properties have been recovered.

This have become a serious threat to students in the campus. There properties are no more save. To the extent that students are afraid of living there individual room, because who knows the next victim.

At the time of the report no suspect have been arrested. And Student are complaining that the hand of villagers are in it. But there is no prove for that yet.

According to reports from one of the student in the Campus:

This rubbery is too much for  Us, Are we in this campus to buy properties for people? or here for schooling?. Please the Community leaders and the Government should come and rescue Student”. He was lamenting over the rubbery issues.

We are pleading to the community leaders through the student union government and other recognised bodies in the school, to help and do some about this terrable situation of student in the campus.

Please the community and Government should rescue the students.


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