I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness

I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness

I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness. Right about this time every year,when everyone is celebrating valentine. I cant but remember the pain I suffered during valentine period several years ago.

I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness

I was in love with the most handsome and kind man I had ever met. Cyril and I met during a training course and we hit it off quite easily. I found a man who was so selfless and gentle. He would call me every day to see how I was doing,he would also make sure I was okay. I was in love and everyone around me could see I was glowing from being in love with someone who really cared about me.

What I didnt know then was that not everyone was happy for me. My best friend,Tito always pretended to be happy for me but she was not. I didnt know that she was jealous and wanted to get Cyril for herself.

When it was getting close to valentine,from the first day in February, Cyril would send me lovely romantic gifts each day. I was so excited,I would post these gifts on my facebook timeline. I got a lot of likes and comments. Everyone wished me well.

But one day,I think it was on the 11th of February,I got the shock of my life. I got a phone call from an anonymous caller informing me to go to Tito, my friend’s place at exactly 9pm.

Before I could ask why,the line went dead. I immediately tried to call Tito but her line was not reachable. I then set out to Tito’s place a few minutes to eight. I git there a few minutes past eight. When I got there,I rang the bell but there was no response. I called Tito’s line again,still no response.

I was about to leave but I heard faint music from inside. It dawned on me that perhaps Tito was inside. What I thought immediately was that,maybe she needed help,maybe she was in trouble.

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So I went to her neighbor’s door,knocked and asked the man who responded to come check with me,explaining that I was suspecting something wrong as I got a call and I couldnt reach Tito. I Hate Valentine Period,It Never Brought Me Any Happiness

We both went back to Tito’s apartment and found that the door wasnt even locked. So we went inside. I started shouting Tito,Tito! No answer,we realized the music was coming from the bedroom so we went there.

On getting there,we found my boyfriend sleeping on Tito’s bed. Tito was no where to be found. I was surprised to see Cyril there. I went on to try and wake him up but something caught my attention: I saw used condoms on the floor…I stepped back and immediately turned around.

The neighbor with me was asking me if I knew the man,I just told him not to worry. As we stepped out of the room to leave the house,Tito walked in. I asked her in anger what was going on. And she responded by saying nothing that she and Cyril had been seeing each other for a week.

Qualities Of A Real Man

That she actually wanted to see how good he was since I kept ranting non stop about him. At that point,it hit me that this guy was sleeping with my friend while sending me gifts.

As we argued and raised our voices,Cyril apparently woke up,came to the sitting room and was surprised to see me. He tried to start saying something about making a huge mistake but I wasnt going to wait around to listen to someone who just broke my heart with my best friend.

Cyril tried to reach me after the incident at Tito’s place but I was done with him. I had to let him go. On Valentine’s day,I cried myself to sleep. I wouldnt even come out of the house. I deleted my facebook account also. Apparently,people were asking too many questions about me and Cyril.

It was too painful. After flaunting my relationship ,I couldnt bear to face anyone who heard about our breakup. About six weeks later,I found out I was pregnant,I picked up the phone to call Cyril to inform him. It was Tito who picked. I couldnt bring myself to speak on the phone so I dropped the call and went straight to the clinic and aborted the baby.

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That was five years actually. Today,Cyril has relocated to US. I see his pictures on social media. He is still not married. He was engaged but I heard he broke up the engagement. Friends who know him say he is yet to get over me. The pain I experienced during the heart break keeps making me not want to reach out to him.

Part of me still loves Cyril. I have been in one relationship after that but it didnt work out. Now,its almost valentine again,all these memories keep coming back. Sometimes,I want to try and reach out to Cyril and tell him how much I missed him and want him back but part of me is afraid of making a fool of myself and being rejected.

What do you think I should do? Should Ii reach out to Cyril? Am I being foolish to even think that? Will he make a fool of me a second time?…I just want this valentine to go,I miss Cyril so much this period!



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