20LGAs | To Establish Radio stations | Lagos state government

Lagos state governor

Lagos state government set to establish  radio stations each for 20 local government area in the state. To help communication to reach people  easly around the state within the next 12 months.

Lagos state government

Speaking at the third annual lecture of the faculty of communication in the university of Lagos on Tuesday, the personal assistant to the lagos state governor on communications  and communities, Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan,  disclose the information.

Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan, in his speech said that the project would also help showcase local talent. Provide good employment opportunity for people and promote local economy.

 Lagos state government

Bamigbetan said:

“It will involve the community development associations who would form its ownership, control and determine its content in such a way that it will relay local and community news in the dominant language of that area. So as to promote the various local languages.

“We will start with the 20 LGAs and hoping that this year we will start with about six of them. And as we get more funds, in the next one year, others will come on board. We will also try to experiment with the internet version. I mean internet radio, because it is cheaper, has a wider coverage, not limited by signal or location and more applicable these days when very few people go about with radio.”


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