Mamata should resign if she cannot maintain law -BJP’s Sambit


Mamata should resign if she cannot maintain law. The BJP today welcomed Calcutta High Court’s decision and slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for her politics of appeasement.

Mamata should resign if she cannot maintain law
Mamata should resign if she cannot maintain law
Mamata should resign if she cannot maintain law

In a scathing attacks on Mamta Banerjee, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said that this is a defeat of politics of appeasement and of pseudo-secular.

He said that it was a victory of truth and real secularism. Patra added that Mamata has been practicing this for a long time.

“It was just last year when Durga Visarjan was restricted by Mamata Banerjee. Even then the court had told her don’t Practice the policy of appeasement but Mamata yet again issued the circular and was castigated yet again by the court,” he said.

He went on to say that the West Bengal chief minister did not believe in the Constitution of India nor the law of India. According to Patra, politics of appeasement was more important to Mamata than courts.

This is the victory of policy of development for Mamata Banerjee, for her Mamata is reserved for a particular community and all nirmamta has been reserved for the other community and that is what has exposed the chief minister.

All the accusations by Mamata received a body blow in the High Court, the court today said that when all the religions wanted to stay together it is the duty of the state government to maintain law and order.

Patra went on to demand that if Mamata Banerjee cannot maintain law and order then she is admitting that the law order in state has collapsed and that she should resign.

“It is not a surprise that earlier she did not want BJP chief Amit Shah and Mohan Bhagwat the RSS chief to come and speak in Bengal but she is okay with Imam Barkati’s speech, she was quite normal with Maulana Wasi yesterday who was actually spitting Venom. Why did she not see the hatred then?” asked Patra.

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