Marriage and Relationship: What marriage is all about


Marriage and Relationship: What marriage is all about. Marriage is one of the most important institution that accommodate male and female. The most interesting part of it is harmony and companionship which exist between the two individuals. Without such there is no marriage, you have the power to choose who you want to marry. According to God’s plan for marriage.

Marriage and Relationship: What marriage is all about

Marriage and Relationship: What marriage is all about

Before you enter into marriage there are few questions you have to answer. Like what is marriage all about? Why do u want to get married to him or her? What are the benefits of marriage? Are you mature for marriage? What are the consequences of marrying the wrong person? How to know that he/she is fit for marriage? If you can be able to answer this questions correctly your marriage will be heaven on earth.

What marriage is all about?

Marriage does not have pattern that works generally. Your marriage is your own pattern, in the sense that, what works for another might not work for you. Marriage is not a bed of roses as many think. But you can make your marriage a bed of roses.

Marriage is coming together of a woman from different background with different mind set and upbringing and man vice versa

Marriage is a legal union of man and women to become husband and wife. Marriage is not for boys and girls, marriage is the union of woman mind set and man mind set. what marriage is all about. Am marveled when I see boys and girls getting married with one selfish reason and the another. In my own perspective I define marriage as endurance between a woman and man. If you can’t endure your not fit for marriage.

  • Marriage is all about endurance
  • Marriage  Is not a bed of roses
  • Marriage is forgiveness
  • Marriage is mind set
  • Marriage is companionship
  • Marriage is two different body living in one body.

Why do you want to get married to him or her

Different people get married to there partner for one reason and another. but i assure you marriage should base on the following

  • You can forgive if he or she offend you
  • You should not have a particular reason why you love him or her. Because your reason might disappoint you one day
  • Don’t marry because your desperate
  • Don’t marry because your friends are getting married
  • Marry for what you want not what other people want for you.

What marriage is all about part 2 coming soon….



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