[Newest] Cheapest data plans in Nigeria


The Nigeria telecommunication companies has released the cheapest data plans and Newest plans that works in all devices.

Cheapest data plans

Recently airtel introduced a weekend plans following by their recent mid night data plans which cost #25 and #50 depending on the packages you want to subscribe that is still functioning till date. MTN later introduced there own mid night plans but airtel is still the best of all.

Many Nigeria are finding it very difficult to go online this days. Due to high cost of subscription. Like MTN 1000 = 1.5gb, 1500 = 2gb and 2000 = 3.5gb same applies to other network. Like Airtel, Glo and Etisalet. But the most cheapest plans in nigeria now is airtel, followed by Glo.

The subcribtion codes for cheapest data plans in Nigeria are. CLICK >>http://www.mavelworld.com/best-cheapest-data-plans-2017-2/


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