Photos | Old Woman Disgraced For Having S*x With A Young Man In Ebonyi State

Old Woman Disgraced

Old Woman Disgraced. Old have been disgraced in ebonyi state. For sleeping with a man who is old enough to be her son. According to reports. The old woman pictured below was caught making love with a young guy. In Amauzu Mkpoghoro in Afikpo North. In Ebonyi state Nigeria .

She was cought at the site of the  evil action  and was made to dance round Afikpo with the man. This was a very bad and shamefull act to be done by a grown up woman. With many experince in life.

According to the report. She surpose to set an example to other young women out there. Who do eventually engage in the act. More details will be published later.

See photos below:

Old Woman Disgraced

source: becky



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