Breaking | Pastor NJOKU Did Not Call NNAMDI KANU An Anti Christ

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Felse accusation against pastor of assemble of God on Nnamdi kanu. False propagation have put people like me in one almighty mess. And because of that i have took it upon myself to always research. And investigate any news that broke out especially those that i capable of blackmailing or staining the name of the accuser. Before the entire populace.

Nnamdi kanu

In a bid to find out what actually transpired in Assemblies of God church 222 Clifford road Aba that resulted to a widely circulated news. Alleging that a pastor of Assemblies of God church 222 Clifford road Aba by name Pastor Njoku called the leader of Indigenous.

People Of Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu an anti  Christ. I approached a member of the said church by name Mr Ogbonna. Who is also a supporter of Biafra restoration project, who explained to me that Pastor Njoku who is
also the assistant district superintendent. And the senior pastor of Assemblies of God
church located at 222 Clifford road Aba didn’t call Nnamdi Kanu an anti Christ.

In his words he said ‘He(Pastor) didn’t call our leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu an anti Christ, i was in the church that day. He was only explaining the different between Judaism and Christianity. Telling his audience that anybody who is practicing Judaism that the person is no more a partaker of the grace of our lord Jesus Christ’.

Mr Ogbonna also said that there was a chaos in the church when the pastor made the statement which made him to shift ground and halted preaching about the
matter. He confirmed to me that it was due to the visitation the pastor paid Nnamdi Kanu to ask for forgiveness (although he didn’t see him but he explained his reason for coming to those he met) that made Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to call off the proposed visitation of the church by IPOB members leaving in Aba and its environs.

Pastor NJOKU Did Not Call NNAMDI KANU An Anti Christ

He insinuated that the spreading of the news that pastor called Nnamdi Kanu an anti Christ is the handwork of his(pastor’s) enemies. Who want him to be demoted. Because if found quilty of such utterance by the leadership of Assemblies of God. He might stand a risk of loosing in the upcoming election. Which will see him being demoted from senior pastor to children pastor. Which will be so disastrous to him, after having a chat with him. Mr Ogbonna gave me the pastor’s number for verification of the info he gave to me should deem it fit to do so.

In my little research further i discovered that. The pastor was preaching to his audience not to join Jewish religion because the person will not inherit eternal life.
source: Nwachukwu Victor Samuel Reporting



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