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Premier League

The new campaign gets under way on Saturday 12 August with Antonio Conte’s Chelsea hosting Burnley in their first fixture three months after winning the title by seven points ahead of their London rivals.

The Manchester and Merseyside derbies are scheduled to take place on the same weekends. Manchester City visit Old Trafford and Everton travel to Anfield on December 9, with the return fixtures pencilled in for April 7.

All eyes will be on Arsenal this season after Arsene Wenger’s decision to stay and the Frenchman will be fired up for their third game when he takes his Gunners to Liverpool on August 26.

Starting of new Premier League season

August 2017

Premier League Saturday 12th August

Arsenal       15:00     Leicester City

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00      Manchester City

Chelsea            15:00           Burnley

Crystal Palace      15:00       Huddersfield Town

Everton        15:00      Stoke City

Manchester United       15:00      West Ham United

Newcastle United        15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Southampton        15:00       Swansea City

Watford       15:00      Liverpool

West Bromwich Albion       15:00      Bournemouth

Premier League Saturday 19th August

Bournemouth         15:00       Watford

Burnley          15:00       West Bromwich Albion

Huddersfield Town       15:00        Newcastle United

Leicester City        15:00        Brighton and Hove Albion

Liverpool             15:00         Crystal Palace

Manchester City       15:00         Everton

Stoke City          15:00       Arsenal

Swansea City        15:00      Manchester United

Tottenham Hotspur       15:00       Chelsea

West Ham United       15:00     Southampton

Premier League Saturday 26th August

Bournemouth    15:00      Manchester City

Chelsea        15:00     Everton

Crystal Palace       15:00     Swansea City

Huddersfield Town        15:00     Southampton

Liverpool         15:00       Arsenal

Manchester United       15:00       Leicester City

Newcastle United      15:00       West Ham United

Tottenham Hotspur       15:00       Burnley

Watford           15:00          Brighton and Hove Albion

West Bromwich Albion        15:00      Stoke City

September 2017

Premier League Saturday 9th September

Arsenal         15:00      Bournemouth

Brighton and Hove Albion     15:00     West Bromwich Albion

Burnley            15:00       Crystal Palace

Everton        15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Leicester City        15:00      Chelsea

Manchester City        15:00     Liverpool

Southampton         15:00      Watford

Stoke City        15:00       Manchester United

Swansea City          15:00        Newcastle United

West Ham United      15:00     Huddersfield Town

Premier League Saturday 16th September

Bournemouth       15:00      Brighton and Hove Albion

Chelsea      15:00     Arsenal

Crystal Palace      15:00       Southampton

Huddersfield Town       15:00       Leicester City

Liverpool        15:00       Burnley

Manchester United      15:00       Everton

Newcastle United       15:00        Stoke City

Tottenham Hotspur          15:00        Swansea City

Watford           15:00       Manchester City

West Bromwich Albion    15:00       West Ham United

Premier League Saturday 23rd September

Arsenal      15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion   15:00      Newcastle United

Burnley     15:00       Huddersfield Town

Everton     15:00       Bournemouth

Leicester City   15:00    Liverpool

Manchester City      15:00    Crystal Palace

Southampton    15:00     Manchester Unied

Stoke City    15:00      Chelsea

Swansea City  15:00    Watford

West Ham United    15:00    Tottenham Hotspur

Premier League Saturday 30th September

Arsenal     15:00      Brighton and Hove Albion

Bournemouth    15:00   Leicester City

Chelsea      15:00    Manchester City

Everton     15:00     Burnley

Huddersfield Town      15:00     Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester United   15:00    Crystal Palace

Newcastle United      15:00     Liverpool

Stoke City     15:00    Southampton

West Bromwich Albion     15:00    Watford

West Ham United      15:00     Swansea City

October 2017

Premier League Saturday 14th October

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00     Everton

Burnley           15:00      West Ham United

Crystal Palace     15:00       Chelsea

Leicester City    15:00   West Bromwich Albion

Liverpool        15:00       Manchester United

Manchester City    15:00    Stoke City

Southampton     15:00    Newcastle United

Swansea City   15:00   Huddersfield Town

Tottenham Hotspur   15:00   Bournemouth

Watford     15:00    Arsenal

Premier League Saturday 21st October

Chelsea       15:00     Watford

Everton     15:00     Arsenal

Huddersfield Town     15:00     Manchester United

Manchester City     15:00    Burnley

Newcastle United     15:00     Crystal Palace

Southampton       15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Stoke City       15:00      Bournemouth

Swansea City        15:00     Leicester City

Tottenham Hotspur        15:00      Liverpool

West Ham United      15:00     Brighton and Hove Albion

Premier League Saturday 28th October

Arsenal       15:00     Swansea City

Bournemouth     15:00     Chelsea

Brighton and Hove Albion     15:00      Southampton

Burnley     15:00    Newcastle United

Crystal Palace    15:00     West Ham United

Leicester City      15:00       Everton

Liverpool       15:00          Huddersfield Town

Manchester United      15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Watford       15:00       Stoke City

West Bromwich Albion      15:00      Manchester City

November 2017

Premier League Saturday 4th November

Chelsea      15:00      Manchester United


Huddersfield Town      15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Manchester City      15:00      Arsenal

Newcastle United     15:00     Bournemouth

Southampton        15:00         Burnley

Stoke City       15:00      Leicester City

Swansea City     15:00     Brighton and Hove Albion

Tottenham Hotspur     15:00     Crystal Palace

West Ham United     15:00     Liverpool

Premier League Saturday 18th November

Arsenal       15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Bournemouth       15:00     Huddersfield Town

Brighton and Hove Albion     15:00     Stoke City

Burnley      15:00       Swansea City

Crystal Palace      15:00     Everton

Leicester City       15:00      Manchester City

Liverpool            15:00          Southampton

Manchester United     15:00     Newcastle United

Watford       15:00     West Ham United

West Bromwich Albion     15:00    Chelsea

Premier League Saturday 25th November

Burnley       15:00      Arsenal

Crystal Palace       15:00      Stoke City

Huddersfield Town      15:00      Manchester City

Liverpool        15:00      Chelsea

Manchester United      15:00      Brighton and Hove Albion

Newcastle United         15:00       Watford

Southampton        15:00      Everton

Swansea City        15:00       Bournemouth

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00     West Bromwich Albion

West Ham United     15:00     Leicester City

Premier League Tuesday 28th November

Arsenal       19:45     Huddersfield Town

Bournemouth      19:45     Burnley

Brighton and Hove Albion     19:45    Crystal Palace

Leicester City     19:45      Tottenham Hotspur

Watford      19:45     Manchester United

West Bromwich Albion     20:00     Newcastle United

Premier League Wednesday 29th November

Chelsea      19:45     Swansea City

Everton       19:45     West Ham United

Manchester City     20:00     Southampton

Stoke City     20:00     Liverpool

December 2017

Premier League Saturday 2nd December

Arsenal      15:00    Manchester United

Bournemouth     15:00     Southampton

Brighton and Hove Albion    15:00     Liverpool

Chelsea     15:00    Newcastle United

Everton     15:00     Huddersfield Town

Leicester City     15:00     Burnley

Manchester City      15:00      West Ham United

Stoke City        15:00       Swansea City

Watford         15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

West Bromwich Albion       15:00    Crystal Palace

Premier League Saturday 9th December

Burnley         15:00     Watford

Crystal Palace     15:00     Bournemouth

Huddersfield Town     15:00    Brighton and Hove Albion

Liverpool     15:00      Everton

Manchester United    15:00    Manchester City

Newcastle United      15:00     Leicester City

Southampton     15:00     Arsenal

Swansea City    15:00     West Bromwich Albion

Tottenham Hotspur     15:00     Stoke City

West Ham United      15:00      Chelsea

Premier League Tuesday 12th December

Burnley     19:45      Stoke City

Huddersfield Town     19:45     Chelsea

Swansea City      19:45    Manchester City

West Ham United     19:45    Arsenal

Crystal Palace      20:00      Watford

Manchester United    20:00     Bournemouth

Premier League Wednesday 13th December

Newcastle United     19:45    Everton

Southampton      19:45     Leicester City

Liverpool      20:00      West Bromwich Albion

Tottenham Hotspur      20:00    Brighton and Hove Albion

Premier League Saturday 16th December

Arsenal      15:00     Newcastle United

Bournemouth      15:00      Liverpool

Brighton and Hove Albion      15:00      Burnley

Chelsea      15:00     Southampton

Everton    15:00      Swansea City

Leicester City       15:00      Crystal Palace

Manchester City       15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Stoke City         15:00        West Ham United

Watford          15:00       Huddersfield Town

West Bromwich Albion      15:00     Manchester United

Premier League Saturday 23rd December

Arsenal       15:00     Liverpool

Brighton and Hove Albion        15:00     Watford

Burnley      15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Everton       15:00      Chelsea

Leicester City       15:00      Manchester United

Manchester City       15:00      Bournemouth

Southampton      15:00      Huddersfield Town

Stoke City        15:00       West Bromwich Albion

Swansea City      15:00       Crystal Palace

West Ham United       15:00       Newcastle United

Premier League Tuesday 26th December

Bournemouth        15:00       West Ham United

Chelsea      15:00      Brighton and Hove Albion

Crystal Palace       15:00      Arsenal

Huddersfield Town      15:00       Stoke City

Liverpool       15:00       Swansea City

Manchester United     15:00      Burnley

Newcastle United      15:00    Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur     15:00     Southampton

Watford     15:00      Leicester City

West Bromwich Albion          15:00        Everton

Premier League Saturday 30th December

Bournemouth        15:00      Everton

Chelsea         15:00     Stoke City

Crystal Palace     15:00     Manchester City

Huddersfield Town        15:00      Burnley

Liverpool       15:00      Leicester City

Manchester United     15:00        Southampton

Newcastle United       15:00        Brighton and Hove Albion

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00     West Ham United

Watford         15:00       Swansea City

West Bromwich Albion      15:00      Arsenal

January 2018

Premier League Monday 1st January

Arsenal       15:00      Chelsea

Brighton and Hove Albion     15:00     Bournemouth

Burnley     15:00    Liverpool

Everton      15:00      Manchester United

Leicester City       15:00      Huddersfield Town

Manchester City      15:00      Watford

Southampton         15:00        Crystal Palace

Stoke City             15:00           Newcastle United

Swansea City          15:00         Tottenham Hotspur

West Ham United      15:00       West Bromwich Albion

Premier League Saturday 13th January

Bournemouth        15:00       Arsenal

Chelsea           15:00       Leicester City

Crystal Palace       15:00      Burnley

Huddersfield Town       15:00      West Ham United

Liverpool        15:00        Manchester City

Manchester United      15:00     Stoke City

Newcastle United       15:00       Swansea City

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00       Everton

Watford        15:00        Southampton

West Bromwich Albion      15:00     Brighton and Hove Albion

Premier League Saturday 20th January

Arsenal    15:00       Crystal Palace

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00     Chelsea

Burnley             15:00         Manchester United

Everton       15:00        West Bromwich Albion

Leicester City       15:00      Watford

Manchester City      15:00        Newcastle United

Southampton       15:00         Tottenham Hotspur

Stoke City        15:00        Huddersfield Town

Swansea City      15:00       Liverpool

West Ham United     15:00       Bournemouth

Premier League Tuesday 30th January

Huddersfield Town     19:45     Liverpool

Swansea City         19:45       Arsenal

West Ham United     19:45      Crystal Palace

Premier League Wednesday 31st January

Chelsea        19:45      Bournemouth

Everton       19:45     Leicester City

Newcastle United      19:45      Burnley

Southampton      19:45     Brighton and Hove Albion

Manchester City      20:00     West Bromwich Albion

Stoke City     20:00       Watford

Tottenham Hotspur       20:00       Manchester United

February 2018

Premier League Saturday 3rd February

Arsenal      15:00       Everton

Bournemouth     15:00   Stoke City

Brighton and Hove Albion      15:00     West Ham United

Burnley      15:00      Manchester City

Crystal Palace     15:00      Newcastle United

Leicester City       15:00     Swansea City

Liverpool       15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester United     15:00     Huddersfield Town

Watford         15:00        Chelsea

West Bromwich Albion        15:00      Southampton

Premier League Saturday 10th February

Chelsea        15:00     West Bromwich Albion

Everton       15:00      Crystal Palace

Huddersfield Town      15:00      Bournemouth

Manchester City         15:00        Leicester City

Newcastle United        15:00       Manchester United

Southampton     15:00      Liverpool

Stoke City        15:00       Brighton and Hove Albion

Swansea City        15:00       Burnley

Tottenham Hotspur     15:00      Arsenal

West Ham United      15:00       Watford

Premier League Saturday 24th February

Arsenal      15:00      Manchester City

Bournemouth       15:00      Newcastle United

Brighton and Hove Albion     15:00     Swansea City

Burnley      15:00      Southampton

Crystal Palace      15:00     Tottenham Hotspur

Leicester City      15:00       Stoke City

Liverpool           15:00        West Ham United

Manchester United      15:00     Chelsea

Watford         15:00      Everton

West Bromwich Albion       15:00     Huddersfield Town

March 2018

Premier League Saturday 3rd March

Brighton and Hove Albion      15:00     Arsenal

Burnley     15:00    Everton

Crystal Palace    15:00      Manchester United

Leicester City     15:00     Bournemouth

Liverpool      15:00     Newcastle United

Manchester City    15:00     Chelsea

Southampton        15:00        Stoke City

Swansea City        15:00         West Ham United

Tottenham Hotspur         15:00        Huddersfield Town

Watford          15:00         West Bromwich Albion

Premier League Saturday 10th March

Arsenal         15:00      Watford

Bournemouth       15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea      15:00      Crystal Palace

Everton     15:00       Brighton and Hove Albion

Huddersfield Town       15:00     Swansea City

Manchester United       15:00       Liverpool

Newcastle United          15:00        Southampton

Stoke City           15:00         Manchester City

West Bromwich Albion      15:00      Leicester City

West Ham United       15:00        Burnley

Premier League Saturday 17th March

Bournemouth       15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Burnley      15:00    Chelsea

Huddersfield Town      15:00      Crystal Palace

Leicester City     15:00      Arsenal

Liverpool      15:00      Watford

Manchester City      15:00     Brighton and Hove Albion

Stoke City       15:00      Everton

Swansea City      15:00     Southampton

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00   Newcastle United

West Ham United     15:00     Manchester United

Premier League Saturday 31st March

Arsenal       15:00     Stoke City

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00        Leicester City

Chelsea       15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Crystal Palace     15:00      Liverpool

Everton        15:00       Manchester City

Manchester United      15:00       Swansea City

Newcastle United        15:00         Huddersfield Town

Southampton            15:00            West Ham United

Watford          15:00        Bournemouth

West Bromwich Albion        15:00        Burnley

April 2018

Premier League Saturday 7th April

Arsenal       15:00       Southampton

Bournemouth       15:00       Crystal Palace

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00       Huddersfield Town

Chelsea         15:00       West Ham United

Everton       15:00       Liverpool

Leicester City      15:00      Newcastle United

Manchester City      15:00      Manchester United

Stoke City        15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Watford        15:00     Burnley

West Bromwich Albion     15:00       Swansea City

Premier League Saturday 14th April

Burnley     15:00      Leicester City

Crystal Palace       15:00     Brighton and Hove Albion

Huddersfield Town      15:00         Watford

Liverpool      15:00      Bournemouth

Manchester United       15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Newcastle United       15:00     Arsenal

Southampton       15:00     Chelsea

Swansea City      15:00     Everton

Tottenham Hotspur         15:00      Manchester City

West Ham United        15:00       Stoke City

Premier League Saturday 21st April

Arsenal        15:00     West Ham United

Bournemouth       15:00       Manchester United

Brighton and Hove Albion      15:00       Tottenham Hotspur

Chelsea       15:00        Huddersfield Town

Everton          15:00       Newcastle United

Leicester City         15:00        Southampton

Manchester City          15:00       Swansea City

Stoke City       15:00          Burnley

Watford         15:00         Crystal Palace

West Bromwich Albion       15:00     Liverpool

Premier League Saturday 28th April

Burnley      15:00        Brighton and Hove Albion

Crystal Palace        15:00      Leicester City

Huddersfield Town      15:00       Everton

Liverpool        15:00     Stoke City

Manchester United       15:00      Arsenal

Newcastle United      15:00     West Bromwich Albion

Southampton     15:00     Bournemouth

Swansea City     15:00     Chelsea

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00      Watford

West Ham United       15:00       Manchester City

May 2018

Premier League Saturday 5th May

Arsenal       15:00       Burnley

Bournemouth       15:00       Swansea City

Brighton and Hove Albion       15:00     Manchester United

Chelsea     15:00     Liverpool

Everton     15:00     Southampton

Leicester City     15:00      West Ham United

Manchester City     15:00      Huddersfield Town

Stoke City        15:00     Crystal Palace

Watford      15:00      Newcastle United

West Bromwich Albion     15:00      Tottenham Hotspur

Premier League Sunday 13th May

Burnley       15:00      Bournemouth

Crystal Palace       15:00      West Bromwich Albion

Huddersfield Town       15:00      Arsenal

Liverpool       15:00      Brighton and Hove Albion

Manchester United       15:00     Watford

Newcastle United        15:00       Chelsea

Southampton         15:00      Manchester City

Swansea City      15:00      Stoke City

Tottenham Hotspur      15:00         Leicester City

West Ham United        15:00       Everton




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