Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone

Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone
Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone

Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone The competition between these two products has always been tough but it got tougher recently with the release of iPhone X and iPhone 8. People especially Americans just don’t like to use the Samsung because it weird or foreign , but in a situation whereby Apple has dominated the market because of hype or America ignorance, Samsung may be the solution to a lot of common problems iPhone users have.

Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone
Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone

The Samsung Galaxy S6 which was released in 2015 has better specifications than the iPhone 8 which was released in 2017.See below picture for comparison.

But if you are still not convinced, here are some reasons for you to be.

1. It an android:

If you are using iPhone you might not know anything about Samsung, so let me analyse it for you.
Samsung phones runs on android operating system which is kind of not safe and trustworthy, which was invented by Google. Because it runs on android it gives the opportunity open to any technological possibilities.

Android systems allows customization, so if you are into personalizing your phone , like changing messaging backgrounds, keyboards, text messages, almost everything is customizable on android, from changing of ringtone to changing of alert from tweeter, fb and even mails.

2. No Basic Problems

iPhone users complain mostly about not being able to pick a call, or answering the call and the application takes all of the screen. Samsung phones condense the call to the top of the screen so you can be using the device and still be receiving calls and it wont interrupt your current activities.

3. Better battery:

The latest Samsung phone lasts hours, which is convenient if you are a busy person that works on the phone all day and you don’t have time to sit next to a charger or whole travelling. The phone lasts an average of fourteen hours, which is the same as what Apple claims.

So after charging what next? Samsung offers not one but two power saving mode. The first one is is what is very common it cuts down on background functions like searching for WiFi and avoids using personal data. The second one is more severe that can make your Samsung device last three days and this mode shuts off all background info and in fact, even the display of the phone turns in a minimum way, the only option provide d are phone calls and text messaging.

Reason Why Samsung Is Better Than Iphone

And it has a wireless charge support , so if you are in hurry or running late for work, no need to find a power outlet , the wireless charging is a big help. Just sit the phone on the dock and you are good to go, then pick up the device when you are done.

4. Incorporating Colours and Sensitivity
Samsung phones have a LED light indicator that makes the design more helpful. The light is on the top corner of the device and it varies by notifications. There are many apps that use the LED indication so you know which app is on and which message just came through.

For instance the Galaxy S7 edge incorporates even more colours into the design that it gets your attention on important notifications you can be walking and the phone in the locker and have your device in silent , at the feeling of your hand in the pocket the phone vibrates slightly, informing you of a notification.
You don’t have to miss anything because Samsung want to keep you updated on everything, it not called smartphone for no reason.

So what do you think? Do you prefer still iPhone to Samsung after reading this? If yes kindly share with us the reason using the comment box below.

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