If Your Wife Have Never Said “Thank You” After Sex, She Would Soon Cheat On You..Here is Why


Reason Women cheat their husband in marriage. I can’t stress this enough “ women love good sex”. My name is James a sexual health researcher with Larger Life Nigeria.

Over the course of my extensive research, I discovered most women pretend about sex, especially Nigerian women.

Reason Women cheat their husband in marriage

Reason Women cheat their husband in marriage.

For example, unlike what they want to make you believe, A recent survey Women prefer sex with longer and thicker penises, and here some reasons why this is so.

  1. The Longer and Thicker, The More chances for her to Orgasm.

The Big O is the secret desires of every lady. And sadly very few women have ever experienced it in their lifetime. But Studies have shown that Women that have reached orgasm achieved it with Men with a Penis length of 7.5inces and above and a good girth.

  1. Women find men with Longer Penis more sexually attractive than a man with a small penis.

The Anxiety built up inside her when she sees your long and thick dick makes her anticipation to have you inside of her more explosive so you end up penetrating a really wet lady.

It is more worse for them, if  you can’t last 15-30minutes during sex.

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After every good sex, the look on your wife face should be smiles of pleasure, and one of such occasion she would tell you thank you for the great sexual pleasure.

If your wife does not look like this or haven’t told you thank you even once after sex. Then it is safe to say you are not giving her want she wants.

The saying “Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned “ is not just a saying, nothing gets a woman pissed than a 2 minute sex performance.

So what do most Nigerian women do if their husband cant satisfy them.

10 percent take it as their fate and get used to it but nag about it.

30 percent of them tell their friends about it or go online to seek other people opinion; they get different advice ranging from using sex toys, masturbating to orgasm and having a side boyfriend.

The remaining 60 percent simply find a younger guy who can satisfy them, sometimes they go for the gate man or the driver or maybe the neighbor .It would amaze you that no matter a woman’s societal class she can do have sex with just anybody to cure her sex cravings.

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