Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev found guilty in $2mn bribery case

Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev sentenced to 8 years in prison

Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev sentenced to 8 years in prison. Previous Russian Economy Minister Aleksey Ulyukayev has been discovered liable on charges of taking a $2 million bribe, a decision that now recognizes him as the most noteworthy positioning Russian authority ever to be indicted on defilement accusations.

Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev sentenced to 8 years in prison

Russian ex-Economy Minister Ulyukayev sentenced to 8 years in prison

Ulyukayev was kept in November 2016 on charges of supposedly getting a $2 million pay off, as a byproduct of his service’s help of a positive evaluation that would permit state oil organization Rosneft to finish an arrangement to buy the administration’s stake in another Russian oil major, Bashneft.

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The charges depended on the declaration of Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, and additionally an on the proof of a sting operation, in which Sechin by and by gave a pack containing $2 million in real money to Ulyukayev, the then-economy minister.

The procedure caused debate in Russia, as Sechin conveyed his declaration in composed frame, instead of face to face. He declined four times to affirm in court, refering to booking contrasts because of the exhausting idea of his activity.

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The barrier contended that he was avoiding an individual appearance and abusing due process, while pundits blamed him for being self-important and viewing his position as exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. The issue was raised at the current week’s Q&A session with President Vladimir Putin, who abstained from censuring Sechin for his conduct.

As per the court administering, Ulyukayev blackmailed the reward from Sechin, and in this manner mishandled his position as individual from the Russian bureau. The crime conveys a potential discipline of a substantial fine, a restriction from workplaces of power for up to 15 years and a jail term in the vicinity of eight and 15 years.

In his remarks, the presiding judge said “Ulyukayev acted under a preconceived plan, motivated by personal gain and with full understanding that the process of the privatization of Bashneft depended on his decisions.”

Ulyukayev pleaded not guilty at the start of the trial and continued to maintain his innocence up until the verdict announcement on Friday. In his last address, he said a ‘not guilty’ verdict would be the only just outcome for his case.

His defense team argued that the money did change hands between Sechin and Ulyukayev, but that it was an entrapment on the part of the Rosneft head. The then-economy minister was not aware of the cash being inside the bag, his lawyers told the court.

In his final plea, the ex-minister reiterated his position.

The case contains no proof of my complicity in bribe-taking whatsoever. Moreover, it testifies that I am a victim of a monstrous provocation,” Ulyukayev said in court earlier this month.

I am guilty of a different thing. I have served Russian citizens for many years, and I have managed to achieve something, but not enough. Only when I myself got into trouble I started to understand how hard people’s lives are. People, forgive me for this. I am guilty before you,” he added.

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