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Secret Behind Successful Marriage Reasons Men Avoid marriage

A systematic research was carried out why recent marriages crash. Secret Behind Successful Marriage is a vital tools to heal your marriage. In our societies today many people find it difficult to be in a marriage that is full of love, happiness and companionship. But the cause of the problem is what we are going to review in this post.

Secret Behind Successful MarriageDuring the ancient time when people got in to marriage, it becomes a thing of goal accomplishment and fulfilment of destiny. But why is it not like that again?. There are some  unique significant strategies that the modern world does not look at while planning for marriage, and this make’s our early parents to succeed in their marriage. Until you discover the secret behind successful marriage you cannot override this situation.

Biblicaly marriage is a great principle that was commissioned by God, and practices by man. After the creation of man, their is no other way of procreating (expanding in the world) without the union of man and woman originally. As much as science discoveries which yet requires men’s hormone to function effectively.

When you want to talk about marriage without expatiating the main meaning inside marriage, then no work is done. Marriage is generally accepted as the union of male gender and female gender coming together as husband and wife to achieve their desired goals.

But today marriage is done by contracts. A strategic way to extract money from partner. why will the marriage be successful? that’s a question we have to answer.

First secret behind successful marriage  is friendship

Marriage cannot be successful without the two partners knowing them selves very well. That’s the reason many called their hubby devil. Because they did not practice friendship that exposed them to know each other  before marriage. statistically is one out of hundred to see a marriage that starts with a friendship to collapse.

Friendship is all about knowing each other very well, not dating each other very well, that’s the major mistake of people in marriage, they want to rush and do everything fast, a good friendship should not be less than three (3) years old.

Second secret behind successful marriage is Respect and obedient

The easiest way to get to a man’s heart as a lady is to respect him and obey him vice versa. Many marriages that crash today always heads on disobedient from the partner. This is a vital secret to a successful marriage, if you cannot respect and obey, please do not get into marriage.

Third secret behind successful marriage is communication

Their is no successful marriage without communication, this is another important secret behind successful marriage. Many thinks that they own them selves, no need to tell their hubby their plans, “What they want to do” but is causing a lot of problems in marriage.

It raises misunderstand that can lead to separation of the partners. a successful marriage needs effective communication. Tell your partner what is happening, what you want to do, before him/ her discover on self.

Fourth secret behind successful marriage is self discipline

This is the most significant attitude that harm marriage beyond repair. Is a secret behind successful marriage, when we talk about self discipline. how do the partners co-ordinate them selves, when they have misunderstand?, who do they discus their marriage issues with. We made to understand that marriage issues should be settled within the partners no third party required. this help to stop conflicts in marriage.

fiftieth secret behind successful marriage is understanding your partner

Another vital secret of a successful marriage is understanding the kind of person your partner is: Do he / her gets angry easily? what do he / her like and dislike? what are his / her weak points? DO he / her trust you? If you can be able to answer this questions well, then your marriage is heaven on earth.

Solution to all family problems depends on, the understanding of the partners.

I wish you a successful marriage.

Author: maduka okwuchukwu


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