Tokyo Jetz HNHH Freestyle Session (video)


Tokyo Jetz HNHH Freestyle Session video. Tokyo Jetz HNHH Freestyle Session video Over the past few months, we’ve been getting different rappers to step to the microphone and prove their abilities as an emcee.

Tokyo Jetz HNHH Freestyle Session video

Some succeed on the challenge while others fall short. The latest emcee to step the plate is Hustle Gang’s Tokyo Jetz. She’s been making waves lately so we got her in the booth to show and prove.

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Tokyo Jetz comes through for the latest episode of our HNHH Freestyle Sessions. Jetz proves that she’s definitely on her way up in the game with this one.

Loa Gaze creates the backdrop for her to complete slay on. If you had any doubt in her talents, this will definitely prove you wrong.

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Tune into HNHH TV for more HNHH Freestyle Sessions with some of your favorite rappers.


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