TWO killed, 57 Missing Bokoharam Attack Police convoy

bokoharam attack

bokoharam attack police

police convoy was attack on tuesday by bokoharam members according to the report two police where killed and 57 where missing. The attack took place at  Damboa area of Borno state, on Tuesday.

It was reported that the convey was carrying corpse of died body of a police woman heading  to Adamawa state when the bokoharam attack police  convoy.

The department of state security, the  State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was send to rescure the victims but all was in even because of the situation at hand in the particular area.

there are many vehicles that are moving to Biu, Adamawa, Hawul and Gwoza when the incident happened and the owners left their vehicles and run for their life” a police that witness the event said.

The corpse of the police woman was designed with bullets all over during the serious bokoharam attack police  that took place. it was reported that the offers where in pains and said that they are going to burie one of them to adamawa and on their way another people where died.

Only two people are confirmed died in the time this post is reported with 57 police offers missing. we are still waiting for full report concerning the number of died police men and people that sustenan injury on the attack.


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